Wednesday, 28 September 2011


The classic symptom for breast cancer is a lump found in the breast or armpit. An aggressive type of this disease, inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), grows in sheets or nests of tumor cells that invade the skin and can resemble a rash. Doing your monthly breast self-exam (BSE) is a great way to be familiar with your breasts’ texture, cyclical changes, size, and skin condition. Early detection is the best way to protect your health and improve your odds of survival. Don’t hesitate to see your doctor or nurse for a clinical breast exam (CBE) if you have a question about a change in your breasts.


  • swelling or lump (mass) in the breast

  • swelling in the armpit (lymph nodes

  • nipple discharge (clear or bloody)

  • pain in the nipple
  • allergic


    Allergic contact dermatitis occurs when your skin comes in contact with an allergen that your skin is sensitive or allergic to. The reaction usually appears within 48 hours after the initial exposure to the allergen. Symptoms that are commonly seen include the following: redness, swelling, blistering, itching, and weeping. The allergen can be a substance in a product that you have used for many years; it does not have to be a new product. Allergic contact dermatitis occurs more commonly in adults. The most common types of allergic contact dermatitis are allergy to poison ivy and poison oak..

    • Whether or not you are allergic to something is determined by your genes.
    • Many people believe that you cannot be allergic to a product that you have used everyday for many years. This is not true. At any time your skin can become allergic to one of the specific substances in the product, even though you have used it for a long time.
    • Often, a rash may break out on your face even though an allergen did not directly come in contact with your face. If you get something on your hands that you are allergic to and then touch your face, the allergen can cause a reaction on the face even though there is no reaction on your hands. This is because the skin on our hands is thicker than that of the face, especially around the eyelids.

  • It is important that you return to your dermatologist at the end of your one to two week treatment. The treatment used is strong and you should not use it for more than one to two weeks without being under the supervision of your doctor. If overused, the medication can cause permanent thinning of the skin. When you come for the second visit, if all is going well, your doctor will then taper down to a weaker medication.

  • Two weeks after your symptoms have cleared, you can begin the search for the chemical that you are allergic to. You do this by re-introducing the products you were using prior to your reaction, one at a time, one week apart. It is often best to do a small test area first.

  • If you have a good idea what you are allergic to, you simply try to avoid it in the future and you should not have any further problems.

  • If your problem persists and you are unable to determine the cause, patch testing may have to be done. This will be explained in greater detail if it is required.

    A lot of studies and research has shown that kids who eat breakfast perform better in school and have a healthier diet.  Eating breakfast will help promote the proper growth and maximize school performance as well.
    Breakfast is often times a victim of the morning time crunch.  Even though you may be tempted to skip breakfast, you can simplify your morning routine by following these 8 tips:

    1.  Finish homework and pack school bags at night.
    2.  Decide on what your children will wear to school before you go   to bed and locate lost shoes for the following day.
    3.  In the morning, get up 15 minutes earlier.
    4.  Give up computer games and morning television.
    5.  Have healthy foods on hand.  You should also shop for breakfast foods with your kids and take into account their personal preferences.
    6.  Set the cereal out the night before. For younger children, fill a zippered plastic bag with her portion, then add the milk in the morning.
    7.  Allow your children to use the microwave often, as most breakfast foods can be prepared in under 5 minutes.
    8.  Allow your kids to eat in the car or on the way to school.

    There are several foods that you can eat for breakfast, even leftovers from supper if they are sufficient.  You can eat bagels, pizza with fruit juice, pretzels, or the normal bacon and eggs that breakfast is known for.  Most foods are
    a snap to prepare, and won’t take you but a few minutes.

    The next time you are in a hurry in the morning, remember that you are probably about to skip the most important meal of the day. If you follow the tips above, you’ll find that you have plenty of time for breakfast.

    Tuesday, 27 September 2011

    antara dari kesah K.A.M.I

    alamak...nyer pon...
    tdo lg pon dye nie..pon..
    dlm kls ethics pon..
    macam mne pon..nie pon..
    xde MODAL..ker pon..
    smpi tdo nye pon...sye amik gambar..pon.nyer xsedar pon
    adooiii..pon...bgn pon...nty..cikgu mrh kte nty nie..pon...aiyoyo..nie bdk kelantan pon..
    kuat tido nyer pon dalam kelas pon...adooiiyyaii..bgn pon...da hbs mse da...pon..

    nie...2 org nie..plak..
    bergambar n gambar je kje nye..
    xde la...kalau amik gmbr kat view yg cantek...xpe gak..
    adooiyai..nie dlm klas..pon jadi...adoooyai...naseb..bek la..
    dorang sdri jd photographer...
    ala tkar2, mmg comel kan??? nie..xseberape comel...akibat
    CHICKEN POX...nye pasal..
    mcm2..da at mke koy nie...haha...
    adooiyai...ap..pon...nty da besar..jadi la..model..k...
    huahua..blh msk...dlm.. paper..MAJALAH HARI INI,
    OR ANAKKU..ker..
    MA & PA...
    truskn bgambar k...sye stiasa..bjalan di belakang..dgn..kain di muka... korang buat...selagi korang happy aku happy gak...benanye...

    nyer pon(IBA)..tu..kte..
    ala2 duk kat cafe..
    kebetulan angin bertiup...
    suam2 kuku nyer pon..
    macam2 4 org nie..
    tpi..xditerima...Untuk BERLAKON...
    hehhe..ala...TEATER,,pon...kte org XNAK...pergi..
    mrh sgt kot...
    memilih nyer,,pon...
    nak masuk 
    NASYID...suara...xsedap pon 4 org nie...tapi..
    hahha...ala...janji taw bace lirik lagu...
    hahaa...nak masuk..
    makkk aii..nyer pon..KERAS...nye...
    pon...xblh jadi kte org pilih...tok..
    tu jer.FREN FOREVER YOUNG!!!


    Monday, 26 September 2011

    i come from sarawak..n da food is...

    come sarawak..
    then you can in sarawak..learn and the sarawak... best have many delicious food in sarawak...
    ayam masak lam buluh..

    nie pla..kek batik..

    laksa sarawak..


    ulat faveret food....

    datang sarawak..k..
    makanan dye sedap2...
    banyak lagi yg ad...di sarawak...pergi taw...jangan ta pegi...
    many things wait for you there,...

    how to develop study...k..kawan2...bace & cuba...

    College is an entirely different situation than high school. Classes consist of far fewer grades, but they are worth it when you are done....
    Do not tell yourself, "I'll read the assignment later," because often times you merely end up cramming right before the test; research indicates that cramming is not the best (nor is it the worst) method of studying....
    first is..

    1.  Review the lesson plan prior to class. Skim through the textbooks. Try to buy your textbooks a few weeks before the semester begins for a glimpse of your classes....
    2. Take quick notes in class...ok you all..
    3. If you read the material before class you will have an idea of what doesn't make sense, and concentrate of your professor's explanation. Why are you buying the textbook for it to collect dust? They have textbooks and lab manuals for a purpose. You will be graded mostly on the book because this is mainly the bulk of the class. Professors are usually here to interpret and clarify the text, and sometimes give their opinion; you are to learn most of the material yourself
    4. Don't make notes on what's already in the book, it wastes your time and attention. Highlight the parts emphasized, and listen to the way your professor relates it to what you've already learned. Remember that the professor may be biased so if you tend to not agree with the professor, just stick to the facts..
    5. If it's repeated more than twice it's going to be on the test....
    6. Study for at least a total of an hour everyday before the next class. For each lecture hour you should expect at least 1-3 hours needed for study- more if it's a challenging class. Studying could involve reading the book, checking out your notes, assignments, using the DVD with the book, browsing the web for information on your class, etc. Many colleges have online learning tools and assignment portals that help you learn your stuff...
    7. Don't let social activities take priority before studying. If you have to be social, it is great to have a study group. More shy college students benefit with this...
    8. Plan your breaks in the short and long term. If you must make the Saturday night party, know you'll have to spend the afternoon at the library. If you're spending the day hitting the books, plan an hour off at suppertime, and a treat for dessert.
    9. Study groups help some remember material, and clarify difficult points and is a great way to have a social life in college at the same time as studying.
    10. If your friends are in different courses plan on getting together for stress busting periods, especially during exam week. Midnight power walks make great memories....

    read...and follow...k...

    kawan saye...!!!

    nie ar..mira......member blik n jge member sejati nie...
    slalu blik umh dte time
    dye nie ske bw moto laju2...ble..mbonceng dye..mse dye bw laju best sgt..
    tp kdg2 rs...takot..
    nie bdk kuat rempit..oooo..
    hahhahahha.... la..kwan ngan dye...
    blh dbawa untuk

    nie pla...member koy gak nie..member sejati...n member mpp...
    nie mpp...sengal2.. kte org enjoy...jer....mne2 pg 4 org....
    SAYE..dua or at ats nie...and sorang lagi..jap ag giliran dye bwh...nie...hehhehee
    bkn sje ltak dye at gmbr berasingan lak..tpi xpe2..sye tetap S.A.Y.A.N.G...
    korang sesgt..hehhe...thanks la...pon..
    sebab jadi  kawan sye pon..
    selama kat kpmam nie pon...hehhe...nanty kawin jemput2 la...yer...

    haaaaa....nie la...bdk yg dilaporkn hilang tue...
    aiyoyoyo....kuat nakal...o..nie bdk...kedah...hahhaa
    eyhhhh...xde la...nie la...sorang lgi...drpd..4 org..
    yg sengal...tue...bdk..pandai..dr..4 org tu...hahhaha..
    emmm..nak ckp ap pasal bdk nie...ea..
    ala...senang ske kwn ngn dye...
    pendek citer pla...
    sye syang dye..mcm sye syg yg len2 tu...tpi..sye xtaw...smpi skrng nie..
    DORANG SAYANG sye atau tidak...
    tapi ap pon dorang tetap kawan sye...hehehhe

    dear : YOU ALL

    nanty kawin jemput kak pink ea...(eeeyyyyueeewww)
    hahha...ap pon thanks for everything..
    thanks also for being my best friend... always appreciated you my life...always laugh n cry together k...
    no need to care about..peoples say...
    as long as...we are...stay happy together....yeaH!!!!


    laa...borink..lak...xtaw nak wat ape...da...
    test pon...xleh nk lecturer bz..
    emmm...pnat xdpt amik pon...
    rase mkin mlas nak..amik...
    td pgi jmpe pengurusan asrama...(kak zu)
    sebab dye nak jmpe pasal...kan hr tu..kne campak...
    dye blik xgtaw pihak asrama..
    emmm....kak zu..sye xlarat nak gtaw hari tu....sbab demam...
    tpi kan...sye da texts (miss kamek)...pasal sye bl; tu pon...hehhe
    (kak zu xyah la..suh sye amik cuti lgi..
    emmm...sye da bnyk test tgal..sekarang da blan bpe...
    xlme lg final...emmm..
    sye xbermaksud...nak sebarkn..kuman kat student lain...
    tp sye pon kne sye..nie..xnak la..extend...
    hehhe,...maaf la....k...sye kne study...gak...

    Sunday, 25 September 2011

    MIS class

    tgk la,,,curi2 online kat lab...
    xde nota dek pong...
    hahhha...duk la bka blog...
    and mle mconteng...huauaha
    kan ibaku??
    hehehheheh...soe ea sir..
    kte org....xd nota pon..
    nak bt mcm mne pon..
    tadi g photostat..tpi dok sibok photostat tok DEE & DOYAH....
    ingt nk kongsi.ngn dorang..tpi kn pon...dorang dok...tmpt la xde nota lam klas MIS KESAYANGAN KU INI...HEHHEHEHe...

    nak gelak lagi ke???

    kurang ajar..

    Dalam suatu perbicaraan di Mahkamah.. Hakim meminta pesalah berdiri untuk diperdengarkan tuduhan.

    "Saudara didakwa membunuh seorang guru dengan menggunakan gergaji" kata hakim.

    Dari belakang terdengar seseorang berteriak... "Kurang ajar!!!"

    "Bawa bertenang. Ini Mahkahmah!" bentak hakim.

    Hakim kemudian membacakan lagi tuduhan...

    "Saudara juga didakwa melakukan pembunuhan terhadap seorang penjual akhbar dengan
    menggunakan pisau..!"

    "Celaka!!!" teriak pengunjung tadi.

    "Tenang, Bawa tenang!" teriak hakim dengan keras.

    "Dan.. saudara juga dituduh melakukan pembunuhan terhadap seorang posmen dengan menggunakan
    parang..!" kata hakim.

    "Keparat!!!" teriak pengunjung tadi tanpa boleh ditahan.

    Dengan geram Hakim berkata,
    "Jika anda tidak boleh berikan alasan kenapa anda berperangai seperti ini.. saya akan
    perintahkan anda di masukkan ke Hospital Bahagia atas kesalahan menghina mahkahmah!"

    "Maaf.. Yang Arif..." pengunjung tadi berkata...
    "Saya adalah jiran pesalah... sebenarnya setiap kali saya ingin meminjam gergaji, Pisau dan
    parang... dia selalu cakap... tidak ada!"

    jom la gelak...:)

    malam pengantin...

    Seorang lelaki bernama Baskon yang baru saja menjalani malam pertama bersama isterinya, menceritakan tentang kemuskilannya kepada seorang kawan, Abon.

    "Wah, gila juga! Ternyata memang benar," ujar Baskon. "Kebiasaan yang sering kita lakukan ketika masih bujang, boleh berulang pada malam pengantin."

    "Sebenarnya apa yang berlaku semalam?" si Abon ingin tahu.

    "Begini. Kau kan tau kalau sewaktu bujang aku suka melanggan perempuan."

    "Ho oh."

    "Nah, terus malam pengantin semalam, setelah selesai melakukan hubungan, tanpa sengaja aku memberikan wang RM 100 pada isteri aku."

    "Wah, gila kau!" Abon terperanjat. "Bagaimana? Isteri kau marah?"

    "Itulah masalahnya," Baskon menjawap. "Dia malah memberikan pulangan wang RM 25 kat aku!"



    * Sepasang suami isteri yg telah mempunyai 3 orang anak, sedang
    berbual sambil menonton TV di dalam bilik mereka. Si isteri bertanya
    kepada suami beberapa soalan.

    * Isteri : Bang, kalau saya mati dulu, abang kahwin lagi tak?
    * Suami : Abang rasa, abang mungkin kahwin lagi. Kerana,
    anak-anak kita perlukan orang yang boleh beri perhatian. Makan minum abang
    pun adalah orang yang sediakan.

    * Isteri : Habis, kalau abang kahwin lagi, abang kasi ke dia
    duduk rumah kita.
    * Suami : Yelah. Sebab rumah ni mahal, takkan nak biar kosong
    macam tu saja?

    * Isteri : Abang kasi ke dia guna bilik, kita, toilet kita?
    * Suami : Ya yang, sbb takkan abang nak buat bilik lain khas
    untuk dia. Nanti bilik ni, membazir pulak.

    * Isteri : Abang kasi ke dia pakai almari kita?
    * Suami : Ye yang, almari kita ada 4 pintu takkan nak bagi org
    lain pulak.

    * Isteri : Abang kasi ke dia pakai katil kita?
    * Suami : Terpaksalah yang. Sebab katil kita tu baru je beli

    * Isteri : Baju tidur saya, pijama dan towel saya?
    * Suami : Takkan itu abang n bagi kakak & adik awak. Jadi, drpd tak dipakai, lebih baik kalau abang kasi dia aja.

    * Isteri : Handbag saya, kasut saya, golf set saya?
    * Suami : Itu tak boleh, sebab dia suka handbag kaler maroon, kasut dia saiz kecil drpd awak, saiz 5, golf set tak boleh sebab dia kidal...

    * Isteri: @#$%????!!!!!
    * Suami: (Dalam hati)Alamak!!

    cerita lawak tok korang!!!

    ketua kampung...

    Seorang Tok Batin di Bukit Ibam telah membeli sebuah motosikal terpakai. Seperti biasa motorsikal tersebut tidak mempunyai mud-guard, side-mirror malah plate nombor.

    Suatu hari Tok Batin ingin pergi ke Pekan. Dengan semangat yang berkobar-kobar Tok Batin mengunggang motor kap-chainya melalui denai yang berbengkang-bengkok. Tiba di pertengahan jalan ia telah ditahan oleh seorang anak buahnya.

    'Tok, tumpang ke Pekan."

    " Boleh, naik di belakang" jawab Tok Batin sambil menunjuk ke belakang. Sampai di suatu tempat, ada seorang anak buahnya lagi menahan Tok Batin.

    'Tok, boleh tumpang, kite nak ke Pekan ni."

    "Apa salahnye, naiklah di belakang." Motor pun sampailah ke jalan besar.

    Ada kira-kira lima kilometer lagi baru sampai ke Pekan. Tok Batin pun memecut motorsikalnya dengan membawa dua orang anak buahnya di belakang. Hembusan angin yang meniup tiga biji kepala tanpa topi keledar itu membuat perjalanan mereka sangat mengasyikkan. Tiba di kilometer dua, sekatan jalanraya sedang diadakan. Seorang polis trafik menghulur tangan menahan mereka. Tok Batin dengan muka selamba memecut motornya dengan bertambah laju melepasi sekatan tersebut. Melihat beberapa kesalahan yang dilakukan oleh Tok Batin, polis trafik terus
    mengejar beliau.

    Ia dapat memintas Tok Batin. Tok Batin dengan serta merta memberek motorsikalnya.

    "Oi ape ni, nak bunuh kite ke. Berhenti depan kite macam ni. Tenguk belakang kite ade due orang anak buah kite. Kamu takpe le pakai topi keras, yang kite ni kepale togel, kalau jatuh tak
    ke kite mati." Marah Tok Batin.

    "Pak Cik, kenapa bila saya tahan Pak Cik tak berhenti tadi."

    "Oi, tak ade otak ke, belakang motor kite dah penuh due, tak boleh tumpang lagi..."


    hehe...sbnarnye..diriku nie..mpp..ala..(majlis perwakilan pelajar)
    kat kolej profesional mara ayer molek nie..
    bkn nak yg istimewa pon jd mpp...nie...emm..sye da jd mpp dr kot...emm..pnat...tpi..sye dan rakann mpp yg len..termasuk la..
    geng sye 3 org td...(dee,doyah,iba)..da bt shbis bek...tok pelajar at kolej...
    emm tapi kan..entah..pelajar kolej nie..macam...xtaw la nak ckap mcm mne...
    emm dorang nak bubar MPP nie...
    korang rasa patut x???
    entah mcm2 la dorang kte..mpp blagak
    dorang xnmpak pon ap yg kte org nie da usahakan tok dorang...
    dorang blh cakap dorang xd ditempat kami..
    dorang xd msa kmi meeting ngan pihak atasan..
    dorang xd time..kami..fight dlm meeting ngn pihak atasan..tok sape???!!!
    tapi..dorang tetap gak kte kte org nie syok sdri...adoooyaiii!!
    skit hati pon ad pon...
    tapi...satu jer bt sye,,,sabar ngan kerja mpp nie..hingga lah
    tamat perkhidmatan kami semua..hujung blan nie..ialah dgr n pgang satu nasihat dr penasihat MPP(sir irwan,encik Are,mis kamek,n mis lin)
    taw dorang kte...ap..
    hehhe..tapi..sye da happy n bgga dgn diri sye..slam jd mpp...sye da pjuangkan yg patut tok 
    pelajar2 disini...sye xksah la..korang
    suatu hari..nanti sye,,yakin..korang jg akan berada ditempat saya..mse tu taw..mcm mne berat nye tanggungjawab kte sebagai..pemimpin....
    mgu dpan kte org letak jawatan........
    sekian sje...maaf klu tersilap...
    sye bga..mjage kebejikan anda semua selama ini..
    ap pon silap and kekurangan dari sye..sye hanya mampu minta maaf..
    kerana sye jge insan biase seperti awk semua...
    insan yg xleh lari dri bt kesilapan....

    Saturday, 24 September 2011


    ap nie....
    ade 3 test ta buat..lagi..first ethics...
    emm..gara2 blik awl..hari tu nak g bt...tapi madam busy..plak..then trus tertangguh...
    sebab dmam campak punye hal..nie..
    2 test ngan management information system(MIS)..
    aiyoyoyo..macam mne nie bdak..bnyk mlas?
    eyhh...elok sikit..bkan mlas..k..hehhehe...xshad..jer....
    mne ad feel amik sorang2..adoiii...da last sem...huhu..
    dear:lecturer lecturerku..
    maafkan sye k..bkan sgaja..slahkn campak yg nek at bdn sye,,,nie..mse tgh cti..xnkpla..nek..
    emm..masa klas nie la sbuk nak nek..
    emmm...sedih!!!..mke xcomel da...

    what is life??

    What if life only lasted a day,
    Do you think we'd appreciate it better?
    What if life was like hell,
    Do you think we would dream?
    About a life like we have now?
    What if in life we had everything,
    Do you think it would get boring?
    Why want another life?
    Your life is perfect already......

    If life where the wind
    We would travel the ocean
    We would understand the seas
    And every moment,
    If life were the wind
    We'd always be flying
    Life would blow by without us knowing
    Where would time go?
    Would there be such a thing?
    We would enjoy every moment
    From a higher perspective...


    1 day...i will be married..and live happy forever...
    best kan!!lagi2 klu dapat kwain ngan org yg kte syg..
    happy nye....
    i partner rite now..can be my partner in my future life....


    chelsea...i love chelsea...

    why they are friends??

    Cause they smile,
    Cause they understand just by looking in your eyes,
    Cause they know you better than you know yourself,
    Cause with them you aren't afraid to be yourself,
    Cause you can say something stupid or expose your deepest secrets to them,
    Cause everything you do together becomes a memory,
    Cause you don't need to do something special to have fun just happens,
    Cause you don't need to explain anything they just know,
    Cause they believe in your dreams no matter how silly they may seem,
    Cause they dry your tears,
    Cause you are good enough when you are with them,
    Cause they love you for who you are.....

    just you...

    When I first met you 
    I felt like I had known you forever, 
    telling you my secrets 
    and what I didn't want ever. 
    you listened to me 
    I bet you thought I'd never end, 
    who would have thought 
    we would become more than just friends. 
    Over a period of time, 
    I got to know the real you. 
    A boy so caring and gentle, 
    with a heart so true. 
    You've survived your life 
    with hurt and loneliness by your side. 
    I told you I'd never leave 
    because of the feelings I have inside. 
    I know you 
    like no one I have ever known, 
    and sometimes I wonder 
    what I'd do if you were gone? 
    So I have decided 
    time answers all. 
    If it is meant to be 
    time will remove the wall. 
    I love the way we are together, 
    you can always make me smile. 
    Will it ever really be forever? 
    I guess I will have to wait awhile. 
    Time will reveal, what lies ahead 
    but always remember 
    what I have said. 
    Meeting you has changed my life 
    and I really love you so, 
    the feelings I feel for you 
    I am never letting go. 
    Remember me always 
    and I will too. 
    I always think of 
    me and you....


    what a borink sunday??
    what dating??
    emmm...semalam da dating da..hihi..bkn dating like watching movie..or watever..tapi..
    dye jemput at gak tu kn..huahua,,,
    ala janji da dpat jmpe..da seminn
    ggu lebih xjmpe..
    bukan kangen band ok...hihi..
    nie kangen len...ap pon....
    sye syg dye sesgt la....
    smpi ble2 sye syg dye sorang jer,,
    akmal hakim.....I LOVE YOU!!!!

    deay my baby..

    akmal hakim....i love you..yey..u got it!!!
    i said i love you...hehehe..
    thanks for stay...dat make me love you..and more and become more and more..
    thanks for care make me feel important..but..must remember 1 thing..youre the most important in my lov u soo muchh baby...

    dear my lovely blog...

    stay cool k..dats all
    ad mase sye menconteng lg k..
    jgan risau la..sye xkan tgalkn awk..hehe..
    hehe,,ok la..
    sye nak tdo nie..awk jge diri line internet sye bka lg then kte conteng atas nie sme2 k,,,
    sye tdo dlu taw,,,sye syg awk...ok,,


    Life... is like a box of chocolates - a cheap, thoughtless, perfunctory gift that no one ever asks for, unreturnable because all you get back is another box of chocolates.  So, you're stuck with mostly undefinable whipped mint crap, mindlessly wolfed down when there's nothing else to eat while you're watching the game.  Sure, once is a while you get a peanut butter cup or an English toffee but it's gone too fast and the taste is fleeting.  In the end, you are left with nothing but broken bits filled with hardened jelly and teeth-shattering nuts, which, if you are desperate enough to eat, leaves nothing but an empty box of useless brown paper....
    dear campak..
    cpat2 sembuh k...ckup2 la..da buat diri saya tak bgn seminggu,,
    cukup2 k....ap pon thanks..hehhe..
    i love myself sooo much...
    dear baby..syg syg baby sesgt...taw...only u,,in my life....