Sunday, 30 October 2011

you and me

Who made me laugh, spitting soda out my nose?
Who took that picture, the one with the kids and the hose?
How did we spend our first summer together?
How did we end up with ice cream all over each other?
Who started the water fight on that one hot day?
Who looked at me and laughed when I asked "What did I say?"?

How did we find each other?
How did we fall in love so fast?
What happened that made it so we would last?

When did this happen?
How did we see?
Did things go wrong?
Was it you or was it me?

Who said it first?
Who held me close?
Who caught my tears when I cried?

Did you look at me the same way I looked at you?
Did you catch me starring?
Did you like the way you could always make me laugh?
Or the way you knew just how to brighten my day?

Did I tell you I love you? Forever and Always?
answers: YES!!!

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