Thursday, 10 November 2011

final year at kpm (time 2 say gudbye everyone)

yeah..this is my last year at kolej professional mara ayer molek malacca...
after i've finish my paper on 24..nov..dat is the last day for me stay at this college...
actually it hard for me think bout it..coz it make me miss every memory that i've draw here..miss my fren..
it hard for to stay another new life without them..
on my first day enter this college..on my mind am just thinking about..
when do i..finish..??
now the time is come..but am not happy with dat..
why??can anyone answers me??
its too many memory that i've made here..
oMG...really miss it..
time pass very quickly..
but dear my fren,lecturer,and my lovely college...
thanks for everything..what i can do is..i just can wish u all..gudluck..
and always fighting for your life..wherever you are actually...
and for my lecturer..thanks for everything..without your direction in build me as a student am nothing....
thanks a lots!!!

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